Go from chronic procrasti-learner to laser-focused implementer...

Do the {mental} Prep Work™ for success!

How many courses have you scooped up to catapult you to success?
How many podcast hosts feel like your virtual besties because they spend so much time in your ears? 
How packed is your inbox with “secrets,” trainings, and blueprints that might come in handy some day?

What if you knew (like really, really trusted) that YOU are the “secret” behind your business and that YOU can create the results you want for yourself?

» You’d {only} make investments in your business based on what you KNOW you need and can implement right now.
» You would know how to move forward and keep making progress, even when things are unclear.
» You’d know the difference between a gut feeling of something being off vs. resistance that needs to be pushed through.
» You’d hit send/publish/post way before you feel “ready” (and know how to handle your mom’s colorful commentary about said-thing).
» Your confidence and happiness could get off the “how much money have I made this month?” rollercoaster. 


Prep Work is a mindset-overhaul program for #SmartAF entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way, trust their gut (and brain), and put one foot in front of the other towards meaningful, feel-good success.

At this point, you’ve figured out there are no FIVE SECRET STEPS TO BEING A SIX-FIGURE EARNER IN 47 MINUTES (WHILE SLEEPING!). You’ve sat through enough of those webinars, bought those courses, listened to the podcasts, and studied alllll.the.things.
(Warning: Downloading too many freebies may lead to daydreams about easy money...)
But your business still isn’t dream status. And you’re getting the sinking feeling that it’s not a lack of information, tools, resources, or smarts that’s stopped you… it’s the bologna in your head (collective *sigh*).

It’s not that there’s something wrong with you (no matter how many mini-courses you have starred in your inbox or course log-ins you have bookmarked in your browser or how many podcasts tickle your ear drums every week). It’s ok if you’ve felt really susceptible to marketing (and are already starting to analyze this page) or stare at other people’s results and think, “WHY ISN’T THAT ME?!”

Nope, nothing wrong with YOU, but…

Your head, as it is right now, isn’t helping you reach your potential. We can change that.

I made for you what I wish would have existed for me when I was eye-balls deep in courses, resources, and trainings…
and had very little to show for it.

The teaching and tools I’ve used to coach
hundreds of entrepreneurs, along with a community of people who won’t judge you (but will also hold you accountable), is all waiting for you inside…

Prep Work: Biz Edition is THE online mentorship and training program that will help you shift your mental shit so you can execute like a BOSS (and get the BOSS-level money & success that comes with that!).

I’ve packaged up the exact exercises, journal prompts, tools, and resources I’ve used to help hundreds of entrepreneurs IMPLEMENT (not just read, watch, and listen to) the strategies that build a successful business.

These are the shifts I, a reformed course-collector, podcast-devourer, and chronic-overthinker, had to make, and they’re the ones that have helped my clients finally start implementing the ideas they've been toying with for eons, pivot their business model to one they actually enjoy, and start paying themselves MUCH better consistently (like, ahem, quadrupling their income)!

Here’s what’s inside…

Each module includes part teaching and part practical application all within a supportive community of fellow go-getters and a coach (me!) who won’t judge you but also won’t coddle you.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • In-depth video lessons around each shift, to help you understand the goal behind it and how we’re going to go about creating it

  • Short, actionable exercises to help you notice what’s going on in your head right now and then make new choices that support your BIG GOALS

  • Workbooks, journal prompts, and quick reference pages to take your learning out of the virtual world and bring it into real life (where you’ll actually SEE it!)

  • Monthly group coaching calls (forever and ever and ever) to get hot-seat, interactive coaching from ME

  • A community of supportive go-getters like yourself to ask questions, compare notes, and learn from

  • A weekly Q&A thread to get my feedback on which shift you most need to focus on and how to implement it around your exact circumstances

  • Live stream trainings, impromptu coaching calls, and other bonus chances to get more clarity and confidence around specific scenarios (things like your money mindset, people pleasing, perfectionism, relationship and family weirdness, work-life “balance,” etc.)

  • Resource and tool lists to my favorite meditations, books, apps, and everything else that supports a strong minds

The Essential Shift: Trust Yourself to Change

  • How to keep your word to yourself (“I WILL email my list today. I WILL publish my sales page.”) and stop feeling like you’re a walking ball off self-sabotage (“Dang it! I fell into a hashtag rabbit hole. I’ll do it tomorrow.”)
  • Learn to trust yourself to get back ON the wagon when you fall off (so that falling off isn’t so terrifying to begin with)
  • Do scary-but-exciting things that push you, instead of relying on legit-scary-shit to get you moving
  • A full list of Tiny Practices… seemingly insignificant ways to build your trust in yourself FAST

The Seeking Shift: Finding Solutions

  • How to stop bumping into things and then wonder “maybe THIS will be the thing that helps me!”
  • Learn when to do the SMART thing, and when to do the NECESSARY thing
  • ONLY go get answers to challenges you’re facing right now (and stop feeling like you need to hoard resources “just in case it would be useful someday”)
  • NEVER AGAIN have buyer’s remorse or be pissed if you don’t get your “money’s worth” out of a course

The Honesty Shift: Leave the Excuses

  • How to break down a problem to it’s smallest, actionable step (so you actually know what to DO next!)
  • Let go of your feelings around your current results and acknowledge how far you’ve come
  • Stop the compulsion to explain why you have the results you have (to your partner, parents, mentors, and all of Facebook-land)
  • Let go of your disadvantages, struggles, and past and the idea that they’re holding you back

The Engagement Shift: Be OK With The Unknown

  • How to have fun while creating your results (instead of waiting for something good to happen before you can feel good)
  • Ditch the need to know steps A to Z before you’re willing to get started… imperfect action for the win!
  • Take the actions that build your confidence and momentum (even if they’re not the ones you “should” be taking)
  • Understand your personal cycles of growth and lean into them so you spend less time fighting how you naturally operate

The Inspiration Shift: Be Your Own Motivation

  • How to BELIEVE (not logically know) that you can have what you want
  • Have the clarity and courage to ask for what it is you want and need from others
  • Stop relying on self-discipline to get things done and begin seeing your work as a form of self-care
  • Create a vision, priorities, and goals that all support one another (and know what to do TODAY to work towards them)

The Validation Shift: Separate and Lead

  • How to let go of ALLLLL the opinions… your mom, your high school friends, your neighbors, your clients, your partner… so you’re not making decions based on what everyone else wants
  • Get off the emotional rollercoaster that follows your sales numbers (happy when they’re up, discouraged when they’re down)
  • Learn to set goals that push you to grow (without being pie-in-the-sky about it) AND stop feeling like crap if you don’t hit your goals
  • Mentally become the CEO of your company so you can make clear-headed, smart decisions about where your business is going


“Ok, but do you really get it? I’ve tried all.the.things.”

I spent years trying to learn how to be an entrepreneur. I remember the funny feeling in my stomach I’d have when I’d sit through a webinar or read a long-form sales page and think, “Oooooh! Maybe this is the thing!… but it’s another $X… But if this IS it, it’ll pay for itself so many times over! Ok, take my money.”

Over time, my optimism waned (and yet, my credit card usage did NOT). I became cynical and bemoaned the success of others who “weren’t even as good as I am!” I sat through webinars and evaluated their sales pitches and knew exactly what they were doing and why (because I’d taken a course on webinars… obviously), and I still bought because I was convinced there was something I was missing. It was embarrassing and frustrating, but I couldn’t change it on my own.

Nothing changed until I hired a coach… for nearly $10000. It was the best investment I ever made
, but also the most terrifying. Through long-term work with her and a couple more years of my own personal development work, I shifted, well, everything. To the point that I became a coach myself, intent on helping people make the massive changes that I had.

Over the last few years of coaching, I’ve supported hundreds of early entrepreneurs. My clients have quadrupled their income, become confident sales people, stopped trying to sell things they didn’t care about to begin with, and a lot of other amazing results I’m really proud of.

But I also realized that 1:1, high-level, long-term support from a coach like me is just not feasible for most early entrepreneurs… this program teaches the very shifts I help my clients create, but at a 90% discount from my 6 month coaching package.

My goal is to help you trust yourself to do whatever you need to get the results you’ve always known you were capable of!
Enroll in Prep Work NOW!

Beware: This 👇 Could Also Happen to YOU!

Ready to feel better AND get what you’ve always wanted? I’d love to support YOU!

Your results from Prep Work: Biz Edition may vary from others. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time and willingness to study and participate in lessons and exercises, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and numerous other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or growth, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This program takes time, effort and dedication. We believe Prep Work provides the tools to achieve your desired results. 

What's included?

Video Icon 24 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 19 text files


Before You Get Started {Do NOT Skip This!}
Welcome! {And some logistics}
How to go through Prep Work
Setting Intentions
Check Your Expectations
The Inspiration Shift: Be Your Own Motivation
Goals of the Inspiration Shift
6 mins
The only two underlying reasons you do anything
9 mins
Deep dive questions to know how you're motivated
14 mins
Deep dive questions to journal on
Be drawn to what you want
10 mins
Small asks
Self-care vs. self-discipline
11 mins
Creating visions and goals that *actually* move you forward
11 mins
The Seeking Shift: Know What You Need And Go Get It
Goals of the Seeking Shift
5 mins
Survival mode: keeping a roof over your head
7 mins
Know your numbers!
Survival mode: emotions edition (getting ALL your needs covered)
16 mins
Getting your emotional needs met
Separating you from your work
12 mins
Looking for answers (with laser-like focus)
7 mins
The Engagment Shift: Be Ok With The Unknown
Goals of the Engagement Shift
5 mins
When you just want things to be clear once and for all!
7 mins
Is lacking clarity legit or an excuse?
Running with clarity as it comes
10 mins
What clarity DO you have RIGHT NOW?
Wheel of Business Balance.pdf
245 KB
Being ok with moving on (with an imperfect mindset)
14 mins
Gaining clarity around YOU
The Honesty Shift: Leave the Excuses and Start Where You Are
Goals of the Honesty Shift
5 mins
Let's look at the facts
5 mins
Diving in to your time and money
Where do I think I *should* be right now?
12 mins
Emotional honesty, for the win!
Reverse engineering your goals
12 mins
How to know where to start making improvements
The Validation Shift: Give Yourself Your Own Kudos
Goals of the Validation Shift
4 mins
Likes and apps and high-fives, oh my! (Letting go of praise)
18 mins
5 things to turn off
Getting support in a way that builds confidence
10 mins
Stepping into your CEO role
9 mins
Channeling your inner leader
Objectively evaluating the results of your business
9 mins
Setting goals and measuring your effectiveness
Tools, Tips, and Tricks
Watch Out Phrases
Meditation and EFT resources
Smarter Goal Setting.pdf
57.4 MB
20 Min Mental Jump Start.pdf
15.6 MB


Will this work for me?

If your definition of “work” means, “will I make a bajillion dollars?” then my answer is, “You could, but you may not.” Business involves a lot of strategy and a bit of luck which I can’t control for you. But you won’t execute on that strategy or be in the position to recognize luck when it knocks on your door without some mental Prep Work.

So, if your definition of “work” is more like, “will I learn to ask myself better questions, confidently take direction of my own life, and stay accountable to myself to implement the things I want to do with my life?” then yes, the lessons, exercises, and mentorship you need to do that is all included inside Prep Work.

What's your refund policy?

I think a strong mindset is one of the most valuable assets you can give your business. Prep Work is the only program I know of that specifically (and solely) addresses what it takes (mentally and emotionally) to be an entrepreneur.

That being said, if you get inside and find it doesn’t line up with your expectations, you have 14 days after purchasing to request a refund (no questions asked) by emailing us at hello@jessicaeley.com.

I'm kind of on the fence... what should I do?

Let me share my own fence-sitting experience. Several years ago, I asked my husband if I could join a high-level mastermind (in part, because I was using our combined money for this huge investment). He said, “If you think this will help you, then do it.” But then I kept pushing and specifically asking if he thought I should make such a huge commitment. And finally he said, “I’m not taking responsibility for this decision. You can’t blame me if it doesn’t go well, and you need to give yourself some credit if it does.” <– smart guy  Which means I can’t (and won’t) make this decision for you either.

Here’s my personal barometer for making investments now: am I buying this because I’m scared of what happens if I don’t do this (don’t buy) or am I buying this because I believe it’ll help me accomplish my goals faster/easier/in the way I want to (definitely buy, even if it scares me)?

Still confused? Students who buy through FOMO don’t get results, so I have no interest in “convincing” you, only in helping you grow into who you already know you want to be. Email me and we’ll talk it out: hello@jessicaeley.com.

When will I get access to the content?

Preliminary homework/bonus material is available RIGHT NOW! The modules for each shift will be dripped out weekly starting within the next 10-14 days. 

Is there a live coaching component? How much time do I get with you?

Officially, one live coaching call per month is included with Prep Work. But you should know this: I can’t NOT teach, which means when I see themes or patterns in my clients’ mindsets, I address it so everyone gets to learn!

Prep Work also includes a Facebook community where I will answer your questions weekly (and there’s a good chance some of the amazing people in the group will also have suggestions and support for you!). I’ve been known to pop into my community to do half-hour livestream trainings, impromptu drop-in coaching calls, and even the opportunity to talk to ME 1:1.